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Investment Management

PAMERA REAL ESTATE PARTNERS offers wealthy private clients, family offices and foundations comprehensive real estate investment management.

An integral part of the strategic allocation of total assets are investments in real estate and thus in property values. Such investments can contribute to sustainable wealth preservation, especially in the current volatile market.

In this context, the sustainability and predictability of yields as well as the highest possible property fungibility play an important role in the selection of potential investments. An individual investment strategy joined with professional due diligence balances the opportunities against the potential risks.

Investment Management - Acquisition

We manage the acquisition of select real estate properties as well as the development of real estate portfolios and ensure comprehensive management of properties as owner representative – if such is desired (please see Portfolio & Asset Management). To this end, we analyse any already existing real estate investments in advance and/or define – jointly with our clients – an investment strategy in the context of their respective total assets. Thereafter we implement all necessary measures, in particular the acquisition of suitable real estate as well as the complete transactional process inclusive of the detailed Due Diligence process.

All our activities are targeted towards the reduction of our clients' investment risks while simultaneously optimizing the yield performance. The ancient merchant's rule "Purchasing is the key to profitability" applies to real estate as well.


Individual Direct Investments, "Club Deal Concepts"

We offer customized real estate investments within the framework of implementation of our clients' investment strategy which can be acquired by individual investors or by several investors jointly. The "Club Deal Concept" offers the advantage of uniting a very small number of investors who have similar risk and yield expectations. The real estate is acquired individually or as a portfolio and, subject to the predefined investor business plan strategy, can be retained on a long-term basis or is resold after a predetermined period.

Additionally, equity participation in sustainable project developments is possible if higher yield expectations are to be met. We manage the organization, due diligence and the transactional process as well as the subsequent active portfolio & asset management for the investors.

Within the scope of the individual investor support we create transparency through our ongoing reporting. Our priorities are the protection of the investment capital for the investors as well as the sustainable increase in value and/or the achievement of a risk-adequate yield.